Important notice.

Swims have now resumed to run the last Saturday of the month and the normal time of 4-30pm until 7-30pm . The dates for the swims are,

January 29th

February 26th.

March 26th.

April 30th.

May 28th.

June 25th.

July 30th.

August 27th.

September 24th.

October 29th.

November 26th.

December 17th.

The start time has been moved back to our usual time of 4.30pm we will still have our 3 hour slot.

Proof of Covid vaccinations (both jabs)will still be required for attending, if this has already been shown to us this will suffice. Refreshments will still be limited to drinks and snacks -no rolls or sandwiches.

Sauna and steam rooms will now be operating but under the following rules, a session will be 15 minutes no more than 3 people in the sauna or steam room at any time, 15 minute breaks between any further sessions you have.

We can now accept new attendees so if you have already contacted us during the Covid pandemic and have been waiting to join us you will be given 1st priority so if you would still like to attend a swim please contact us as soon as possible . No children. we are still a family swim in spite of the protests at Blackpool and Waterworld. No children because schools are currently the focus for the spread of Covid and their vaccination program has only just begun and not because of the protests.

Please book your place in advance as past experience tells us that it is preferable to speak to newcomers before they attend.

All these points will be kept under review,

Please observe social distancing whenever possible.

A couple of years ago we were awarded a certificate of merit from British Naturism in recognition of all the hard work by the team that makes our swim so great.

1 "The lifestyle and practice of wearing no clothes, e.g. for leisure activities, in the privacy of one's home or garden"

2 "The promotion of a healthy, ecologically friendly lifestyle"

Proud to be members of British Naturism

Thanks to British naturism for some of

the content of this site.